Cambodia 10 best things to do in Cambodia

Date: 20th Jun 2017
Author: Jan Machač

When you are in Cambodia this is a must!


When you are in Cambodia this is a must! Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. The whole complex of temples is placed not really far from the town of Siem Riep. Many visitors wait every day for sunset or sun rise and then spend the whole day by visiting all main temples.


It is the capital and most populous city of Cambodia. The city offer many landmarks and sights like the royal palace or the national museum. Also walking the riverfront with many restaurants and bars with rich night life is a great thing to do in PP. Tuol Sleng or S-21 prison is a commemoration of atrocity of the Khmer Rouge regime ruling the country in 1975-1979.


Visit the Russian or Central market while in Phnom Penh. There you can find men and women’s clothing, jewelry, gemstones, flowers and all kinds of souvenirs from T-shirt (Hard Rock café Phnom Penh J ) to Buddha statues and various food.


The Killing fields are a number of sites in Cambodia where collectively more than a million people were killed and buried by the Khmer Rouge regime, during its rule of the country from 1975 to 1979. The best-known site is called Choeung Ek and it is around 17 kilometers south of Phnom Penh. Nowadays there is a stupa filled with skulls of victims of this bloody regime. It is a quiet place reminding the atrocity and suffering which the Khmer nation must have endured.


Go down to Sihanoukville. Besides the party life, there is even a better activity which this town offers. Island hopping! Embark on one of many boats and try how it is like to live like a castaway. Koh Rong, Bamboo Island and Koh Rong Sanloem are some of many islands around Sihanoukville.


Meals in Cambodia usually consist of more than one dish. It is always a combination of many but almost never served without rice. Rice is the solid base of the Khmer cuisine. Further it contains plenty of herbs, leaves, pickled vegetables, dipping sauces, edible flowers, etc. This makes the cuisine extraordinary and unlimited for most of travelers.


Alcohol is very cheap in Cambodia. Bars and restaurants offer happy hour for beers and cocktail every day. And a beer for less than a dollar is always a really good deal.


While in Phnom Penh and wanna go on to Siem Riep there is a chance to exploit the opportunity of commuting there by a river boat. It is more expensive than a bus but also more adventurous and it brings you great sights on floating villages and nature around the Mekong river.


Wanna try a spider or scorpions? No problem! Roasted bugs, grasshoppers, snakes, spiders or even scorpions are on the menu in Cambodia. Nowadays it is mostly just an attraction for tourists but for a small amount of money you can challenge yourself.


Taking into consideration the usual temperatures in Cambodia there is not a better way to explore cities and towns than on a tuktuk. Always bargain about the price and you can rent a tuktuk for the whole days for a few bucks.





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