Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 best things to do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: 21th Aug 2017
Author: Jan Machač

First place you should visit is the spot where WWI started in 1914. Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot dead here.....

Drink Bosnian Coffee

Bosnia and Herzegovina has an unique coffee culture – anywhere you go, the sidewalk cafes are packed with locals enjoying their coffee. You as a foreigner might be initially a bit confused about how to properly drink this Bosnian coffee. Don’t be shy to ask for a small demonstration. Waiters or locals will willingly teach you how to drink it correctly.

Walk around old town of Sarajevo

First place you should visit is the spot where WWI started in 1914. Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot dead here. The assassination which began the WWI is marked with a stone plaque. Don't miss the Bascarsija Square (also known as Pigeon Square), which is a great starting point for exploring the old town.  Also walk along the Sarajevo river Mijacka with many bridges over it. The historical old town offers many pleasant restaurants and cafés and has a charming atmosphere.

Eat Ćevapi

Ćevapi is minced meat (different kind of meat for different regions) formed into cylinder shaped sausages served with fresh flat white bread, raw onions and kajmak (similar to sour cream). It is really common to get huge portion of Ćevapi just for a few bucks. There are restaurants offering this specialty on each corner, you actually cannot miss it.

Tunnel of Hope

It is a must when visiting Sarajevo. It is a memorial of Sarajevo Siege from 5 April 1992 to 29 February 1996 (the longest-running siege of any city in modern history). The tunnel linked the Sarajevo neighborhoods of Dobrinja and Butmir, allowing food, war supplies, and humanitarian aid to come into the city, and allowing people to get out. The tunnel is 800 meters long and has an average height of 1.5 meters. It took more than six months to dig the tunnel and was done using pickaxes and shovels. The only source of light the workers had was provided by “war candles”, containers filled with cooking oil and fitted with a wick made from string. After the war, about 20 meters of the tunnel became part of a museum which contains many items from the time of the Siege of Sarajevo – the longest-running siege of any city in modern history.


Jajce is a historical town located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jajce was first built in the 14th century and served as the capital of the independent Kingdom of Bosnia during its time. There is fortress above the town providing a great view. The best thing on Jajce is a waterfall just in the middle of the town.


Mostar is a city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is situated on the Neretva River and is the fifth-largest city in the country. Mostar was named after the bridge keepers (mostari) who in the medieval times guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the Neretva. The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most recognizable landmarks, and is considered one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans. You can join the local diving club and jump from the bridge (28 m) to the river.

Kravica Falls

Kravica waterfall is a large cascade on the Trebižat River, in the karstic heartland of Herzegovina in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kravice is a popular swimming and picnic area and, during the summer, it is frequently visited by tourists from Mostar and Dubrovnik. The best time of year for visiting is during the springtime when the fall is at its fullest and the arid landscape turns a bright green and also it is not that crowded like in the summer time.

Una National Park

A great place for lovers of nature sceneries and rafting. The National Park stretches on the western side from the source of the Krka creek and its course to the confluence with the Una on the state border of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia from where park border follows the Una and state border to the town of Martin Brod and confluence with the Unac. Some people say that Una is the most beautiful river in Europe.

Blidinje Nature Park

This is the spot for mountain and traditional life lovers. Mountains, lakes, valleys and untouched wilderness. There is also a Franciscan monastery that is located within the park and open to visitors. Houses here are traditional shepherd homes with straw roofs that are mainly used during the spring and summer seasons. Winter is harsh and cold in these parts.


Neum is the only town to be situated along Bosnia and Herzegovina's of coastline, making it the country's only access to the Adriatic Sea. It is very similar to neighboring cities in Croatia but the prices are lower. Beaches are sandy and it is easy to get accommodation there. The inland area behind Neum has a rich archeological history and untouched wilderness and is starting to develop agricultural tourism.



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Sandra Vogt
Sandra Vogt on 4th Sep 2017, 10:52:12

Bosnia is the best :-) I really liked their beer and cevapi and bosenska kafa rules :-)

Lukáš Černoch
Lukáš Černoch on 30th Aug 2017, 00:50:44

It seems to be a pretty nice place!

Arkadiusz Komorowski
Arkadiusz Komorowski on 30th Aug 2017, 00:52:42

Yes! I'd like to go there next year :-)

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