Czech Republic Prague's Top 5 historical places

Date: 13th Sep 2017
Author: Baba Kumar

These places are in my opinion the nicest historical places in the Prague. Its like a trip to the medieval times...

Prague is an amazing city with a strong medieval spirit. There is a plenty of amazing, hidden spots, but these are my top 5.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world (written in the Guinness Book of records). From my point of view it’s like a small town in the city :-) The castle is  the official residence of President of Czech Republic and in the past it was the residence of Czech kings. It’s dated from 9th century and today has almost 70,000 square meters. In the castle is St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the country in amazing Gothic architecture. In the cathedral there are saved Czech crown jewels. You can see this place, but jewels are shown to the people only during special events once every few years. In the area of the castle, there is also Golden Lane. A Street with lovely small houses painted in the bright colors. These houses were originally apartments for guards and people serving on the castle.

Charles Bridge

If you are in Prague you will probably visit this historical bridge crossing the Vltava river in the center of Prague. This bridge is from 14th century and was built on the request of Charles IV, a Czech king with European significance. On the both sides of bridge, there are 30 statuses. It is a really beautiful place, but it is full of tourists. We had great experience visiting this bridge in the morning at about 8:00am. The bridge was almost empty and we could enjoy this atmospheric place.

Old Town Square

It is located in the Old Town quarter near the Charles Bridge. Its nice a place full of tourists, artists restaurants and tourist (:-D). The most important thing on this place is the astronomical clockwork called "Orloj". These are from 15th century and somehow shows position of Sun, Moon and Earth, but we weren’t able to read it neither with the Google help :-) Anyway it’s nice to see it. Each hour there are moving statutes. Wait to see it. Nothing special, but why not if you are already there.

Old Jewish Cemetery

This place really shocked me. In the middle of Prague, there is an old Jewish cemetery. See the pictures bellow. It’s amazing! Who would expect this place near the city center? If you know story about Golem, you can see the places around this cemetery where Golem was made as he was made here in Prague to protect Jewish. The cemetery is a really atmospheric place and you can feel a touch of history and spirit of the  place. I felt strong respect to this place.

Vysehrad Castle

On the opposite side of river, there is a castle called Vysehrad. It looks like a castle with huge walls and seems like to be partially built on this walls. This castle has special place in the Czech history and there is also a cemetery for the most important people from the Czech history. There is for example Karel Capek, the writer who has first used word a ROBOT (did you know that?!?) Place itself offers special view of the city and you can have a drink there on the walls with this excellent view and surprisingly without many tourists.




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