Indonesia Bali - Some interesting things

Date: 1th Oct 2017
Author: Lukáš Mrkvička

Some interesting fact I've seen in Bali. Do you have something to add? Write me or write to the comments and I will add it.

1.    More temples than people
Balinese people are very spiritual and every house, shop, restaurant has its own small temple. Then you can meet temples for the local community, bigger temples for a group of communities and finally big main temples. Sometimes it looks like there are more temples than people.
2.    Wild dogs are everywhere
At the first sight, it may look like there are plenty of wild dogs. Actually, dogs are without supervision and fighting with each other very often, but they are mostly owned by some locals and they "care" about them.
3.    Balinese love Bob Marley
One of the biggest surprise for me was that Balinese people love Bob Marley's songs. You can hear this music at every second beach bar and played by club's bands in the evening. Honestly, I really enjoyed it there. Since it somehow works together with this island!
4.    Rice fields
In Bali there are plenty of rice fields in the hills which offer fantastic views. See the attached pictures. Sometimes it is hard to find them, but then it’s like in paradise once you are there.
5.    Surfing
Bali is ideal for surfing and it is great to rent a house at the beach and spent a few days by surfing.
6.    Scary statutes
Bali is full of very interesting statutes. I never got bored to go closer and see more details.
7.    Driving
Driving in Bali is the chapter for itself. At first I'm not used to driving on the left side of the road, but it is the minor problem. It is no problem to rent a car, but driving among hundreds of motorbikes is just crazy. We rented a car and only in Bali happened to me that big bus overtook me in mountain's curve :-D I was probably the scariest person in Bali in that moment. Honestly, if you rent a bike be very careful and have some health insurance ;-)
8.    Waterfalls
If you like waterfalls, Bali is the place for you. You can find there tens of waterfalls in narrow valleys. Usually, they are marked on the road and you can walk as close as possible (at your own risk of course!).
9.    Gili Islands
No far from Bali there are three small islands Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. They are next to each other, but each has a little bit different atmosphere. Gili Trawangan is the kind of party island with plenty of clubs, pubs, live music and entertainment at all. It is being preferred by younger travelers. on the other hand Gili Meno is silent Island suitable for families or people who want to relax and Gili Air is something between these two. You can get there by boat directly from Bali.
10.    Luwak coffee
In Bali the are plenty of Luwak coffee farms. For many people, it is the best coffee in the world. If you love coffee, you definitely have to visit this place. You can see coffee plants and Luwak cats "in action". Of course, they give you some tasting samples and you can buy their product there as well. Do you know how Lawak coffee is made? :-) 



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