Slovakia "Little" Slovakia

Date: 2th Oct 2017
Author: Silvia Kocianova

Beauty of Slovakia

Hey travellers,


I would like to share some nice places with you in Slovakia. I know that it is not so exotic country but is has its own beauty and i think you will be surprised.

One of the most interesting and beautiful thing is nature. Slovakia has a lot places where you can hike or ski. There is 9 national parks.

Another interesting facts are that Slovakia has more then 100 castles, more then 6200 caves but only 18 of them are available for tourists. Country is becoming more attractive for tourists also because of food and transportation are quite cheap.

Traditional food is Bryndzové halušky so if you like sheep cheese you should go for it. About Slovakians is pretty famous that they like to drink (alcohol of course), some of them a lot. Slovakian home made Slivovica ist worth to try. Be careful it is really srong. Slovakia has also tradition in breweries, so you can try more kinds of beer, mostly cheaper than soft drinks. The most famous is Zlatý Bažant.


1.National parks

TANAP - is full of mountains, peaks, ski resorts and lakes. You can hike between chalets where you can get some food or stay a night.

There are few chalets such as  Bilíkova chata, which is 1255 m above the sea, ut to the Zbojnicka chata. 1960m. Views there are breathtaking. Just don't forget proper clothes and shoes since it can rain.

The highest peak is Gerlachovský štít, Gerlach which is 2654 m above the sea. For adventurous travellers the easiest way to get there is from Slezský dom, next to the small lake Velické Pleso.

NAPANT - the largest one in Slovakia. The highest peak is Dumbier 2043 m above the sea. The most favourite hike is from Chopok to Čertovica, full of amazing views to the valleys.

Slovenský raj - is situated in the eastern part of Slovakia contains one of the biggest ice caves in Europe and an attractive landscape of karstic plateaux, gorges, waterfalls and caves. The monuments that testify the oldest history of the region and the country are also here.


2. Castles

As i mentioned before In Slovakia is more then 100 castles. I would like to introduce the most interesting of them for different reasons.

Spiš Castle - in the  eastern horizon of Spišské Podhradie towers the Spiš Castle. As a National Cultural Monument, Spiš Castle with its area of more than four ha, and partially in ruins, is one of the largest castle compounds in Central Europe. Spiš Castle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

Bojnice Castle - the gem of Bojnice is the ”fairy-tale” Bojnický zámok, one of the most visited and most beautiful castles not only in Slovakia, but also in central Europe.

Devín Castle - standing on a massive rock hill above the confluence of the Danube and Morava is an unusually impressive landmark. It is part of the oldest history of Slovakia.

Bratislava Castle - the monumental building of the Bratislava Castle is visible from a great distance. Certainly, every visitor of Bratislava notices the pronounced silhouette. The majestic impression is enhanced by the hill it stands on, some eighty-five metres above the water level of the Danube river.


3. Caves

Most of them are situated in national park Slovak Krast. Some are also listed in UNESCO.

Ochtiná AragoniteCave - has its own special value since it is the only cave of its kind in Europe. Its subterranean chambers are adorned with crystals of aragonite, formed in some places into the shape of fragile corals and snow white shrublets.

Domica - the largest known cave of the Slovak Karst, where you can experience a trip on little boats down the River Styx.

Belianska cave - is the only one accessible to public in the Tatras and situated in the slope of the Belianske Tatry Mts. above the commune Tatranská Kotlina.  It is among the first caves Europe in which electric light was installed.

Demänovská jaskyňa slobody  - part of the huge underground karst system in the valley Demänovská dolina below the Nízke Tatry Mts. It boasts a unique drip stone ornamentation, which makes it one of the most beautiful caves of Europe.

Dobšinksá ľadová cave - one of the largest ice caves in Europe is situated in the south-western edge of the national park Slovenský raj. Thanks to its significance and unique ornamentation, it was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Hope I gave you nice picture about this country and maybe we will meet there one day.





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